Stage Pin Devices

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The Grounded Pin Connector (GPC) or Grounded Stage Pin (GSP) is an Entertainment market standard device type for distributing stage power and providing power to lighting fixtures.


Features & Benefits:

  • The Bates stage pin has been the industry standard for 30 years
  • Manufactured from an extreme temperature tolerant material offering years of reliable service in the most demanding environments
  • Pins crafted from solid brass rod machined to +/-0.0005” tolerance while allowing the pins to float which allows positive alignment and pin contact
  • Precision slotted and crimped female contacts are sized to provide constant spring contact even when pins are damaged
  • Two piece strain relief accommodates a wide range of wire sizes

Areas of Application:

  • Motion Picture
  • Television Production
  • Church Production
  • Entertainment Theatre
  • Live & Concert Events
  • Convention Centers