Lex-Loc Edison Devices

Ordering Information:

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The revolutionary design of the Lex-Loc™ Edison replaces screws with spring pressure to make cable terminations. Simply strip the conductor using the gauge on the device, open the terminal by hand, insert the conductor and close the lever.

Features & Benefits:

  • Color-coded cam levers open and close chambers that deliver a pre-determined amount of pressure on conductors that automatically adjust to shifting strands (creep)
  • No tools required for terminations; simply finger-open and close the terminals
  • No need for a torque-measuring screwdriver to ensure a proper termination and that terminals do not loosen
  • Cage clamp terminations do not loosen, helping to eliminate device failure
  • Two fast-travel assembly screws reduce labor requirements
  • External cord clamp provides excellent strain relief for a wide range of cord sizes
  • All-black construction blends into scenery

Areas of Application:

  • Theatrical
  • Motion Picture
  • Live Events
  • Industrial
  • Military