Cam Type Devices

Ordering Information:

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A variety of quick connect/disconnect connectors that provide portable electrical power distribution for multiple indoor and outdoor applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty construction and weatherproof materials assure reliable performance in harsh environment
  • Insulated non-conductive retaining screw for maximum resistance to excessive torque and safe handling
  • Double set screw for convenient, reliable termination
  • Secure locking connection prevents accidental disconnect
  • Available in 8 colors for phase, ground, and neutral identification
  • Compatible with competitive cam-type products, they can be retrofitted to existing locations and power distribution systems
  • We offer configurations that accommodate a multitude of cable sizes

Areas of Application:

  • Entertainment and Movie Industry
  • Concerts and Theme Parks
  • Carnival Equipment
  • Conventions
  • Motor and Generator Splices
  • Mining and Construction Sites
  • Commercial and Navy Shipbuilding & Repair